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My name is James Kunkle (Jim) and I have over thirty years of professional business development and client engagement experience.  I completed my undergraduate BSBA degree in Communications Management in 1988 and my Masters in Communication and Information Systems in 2002, both degrees were earned from Robert Morris University.  

In 2013, I joined SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings as a Specification Specialist involved in the business development of the organization.  In 2016, I was promoted to Manager of Development and Membership Engagement.

Opinions, posts, and articles are my own and not the view or position of my employer, SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings.  Please enjoy this site responsibly!

This blog came out of my experiences and interactions while working in my current position of Manager of SSPC Development and Membership Engagement.  Being a staff member of SSPC has allowed me the opportunity to be integrated into many aspects of the global protective coatings industry.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. The protective coatings industry is a relatively young industry and SSPC as an organization has been involved since the beginning, almost 70 years! 

Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved.  As much as I want you to read my blog posts, articles, interviews, and watch my videos, I ask that you reach out to me and let me know what kinds of content that you are craving related to protective coatings.

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SSPC: Society for Protective Coatings

Manager, Development & Engagement


Business Development Specialist 


Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh)

Masters of Science (2002)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (1988)

Coatings Industry Designations

Protective Coatings Specialist (2017)

Concrete Coatings Inspector Level 1 (2017)

Protective Coatings Inspector Level 1 (2016)

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No upcoming events.